COVID-19 has created a roller coaster out of our lives. Our daily routine is experiencing constant change with adaptation to new information received along a frequent theme.

Many of us are probably wondering so many avenues of our lives and reflecting on the current situation with an unpredictable future.

I am just posing the questions;

Are we ready for such a sudden drastic invasion of change?

Are we mentally and physically trained to dispense with the current state of affairs?


Who really knows? There is no right or wrong answer. We are all exceptional individuals with gifted abilities.


Time for Change



Let’s see those special powers, we pose using positive reflection and self-judgment,

Let’s live in a present moment,

Let’s appreciate every day every bit, if it is our last,

Let’s express our humanity kind and love to one another without expectations, reason or understanding.



“The only way to deal with the future

Is to function efficiently in the Now”

Gita Bellin